venerdì 22 marzo 2013

The King of Saffrons, Risotto allo Zafferano

Amazing Risotto with Saffron. On the side get you a vegetable broth boiling (zucchini, tomato, carrot, fennels, and herbs season with salt and pepper) thats how i like to do it, you could add any vegetables you like. When its boiling tast and see if needs any adjustments. Let the Saffron melt inside the broth and turn down the flame. Chop a shallot and add it to a hot deep pan with some butter and the rice, season the rice with a little salt, when its toasted add a some white wine let evaporate and start adding the broth little by little, and let cook for about 20m, when its almost cooked add a bit of butter and parmesan cheese and mix all together and make sure its nice and creamy, turn off the falme and surve. If you see its too dry add a little broth and mix. ENJOY.

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