giovedì 28 febbraio 2013

Trout stuffed with rosemary, chilly and black olives, served with potatoes.

Super fresh trout, oven backed AL CARTOCCIO which means cooking in foil, but in this case i used regular backing sheet, wich i prefere tu use with fish instead of foil since the fish tends to get a metally flavor. So, Clean up the trout, stuff it with rosemary, black olives, chilly's, season the fish with rock salt, pepper and olive oil, place the fish on top potatoes so that they can cook together, then close the backing sheet leaving a little opening on the top. Cook in the oven for 20m at about 390 degree oven. SERVE... amazing flavor. Drink you a nice chilled glass of white wine (Muller Thurgau, Pinot Grigio, Greco di Tufo) Can be a great match. BUON APPETITO

Meat Lasagna with rucola, and provola cheese

This is a fun plate and quite easy. Grab the ground beef, add salt and pepper and work the meat, make 3 squares, place in a an ove tray one square, add the cheese and the rucola (season the rucola with olive oil and bit of salt), place the other square on top e again add the cheese and the rucola, and place the last square on top, when its completed before placing it in to the oven add to the tray some vegetable brooth then Cook at 350 degree oven for 20m. Once its done place the meat lasagna in a plate, to make a gravy add some flour to the broth and stir till ist creamy. ENJOY

mercoledì 27 febbraio 2013

Rigatoni alla Puttanesca. With tomato sauce, black olives, anchovies, celery.

Bring the Salted water for the Pasta to Boil Sauce: Heat the pan add some olive oil and the anchovies and let them melt with the olive oil and create like a cream, add the olives and the tomato sauce and let it cook for 15m, when the pasta is cooked add it to the sauce with the chopped celery, saute the pasta, when it starts to get creamy and the starches break its ready to serve.

Bucatini with pea veloute and smoked pancetta

Bring salted water to boil. Sauce: Boil the peas add a litte salt in the water, on the side caramelize the smoked pancetta "do not add olive oil since the pancetta its a fat so it will release the oil" when its nice and golden its done. When the peas are ready take them out and blend them with a bit of butter and some of the water were they cooked in and create a veloute. When the pasta its ready add it to the pancetta with the Pea veloute and saute till it reaches a creamy look and the starches break. Serve!

Patisserie in Paris, You can always get some amazing bites of mignon sweets in Paris.

Saffron Risotto with zucchini.

Prepare your broth, for Risotto its the base. Carrot, Zucchini, Celery, Tomato, salt. Chop the shallots "i like to use shallots with risottos since they are not so strong" simmer with olive oil, then add the rice with a pinch of salt a toast it, add some white wine e let evaporate. In this case we are doing a Saffron risotto, so add the saffron to your broth so it will blend in. When the rice is toasted start adding the broth little by little till the rice its AL DENTE, not too hard not too soft, just right! At the end add a some of the zucchini from the broth, bit of butter and some parmesan cheese. READY TO GO!

martedì 26 febbraio 2013

Wine Tastings

When dining with friends we just love to taste all types of different wines, but at the right restaurant. In Cortona in the Tuscan Country Side of Italy there is a great restaurant "PANE E VINO" wich is well known for his special wines. He likes to offer very popular wines or very particular wines made all the old fashion way NATURAL.

Ravioli filled with Ricotta and Spincah, with ground beef in red wine reduction olives and Chily.

Champagne "Egly-Ouriet"

Many people believe that Champagne its mainly when you celebrate something, or as an aperitif, but try it to dine with, and you will find out how amazing it is. The fresh bubbly results perfect with pork, chicken, and all types of risottos. TRY IT.

Chicken Oregano salad with olives, peppers.

Jumbo Shrimp Risotto.

Tartare with guacamole.

Oven Baked sea bass with rosemary, lemon, served with home made chips.

Classic Roman Dish. Spaghetti alla Carbonara.

Empanadas Argentinas, Puff pastry filled with saute ground beef with olives, dry grape, tomato paste and cumino, served with herbs olive oil

Mango Risotto

Shrimp filled ravioli with sea bass, black olives and herbs.

Cous Cous with calamari in tomato and curry sauce, with basil

Eau De Vin, Cantina Acquaviva.

Amazing Wine, with a termo tag that shows you the temperature of the wine.

Paccheri with saute Calamari and Pesto

Home made Tagliatella

Tuna Fillet in Poppy seeds crust, served with shrimp and zucchini saute in sake.

Pici with Nut Pesto and Vanilla

Sea Bass with cherry tomatos, black olives and herbs served with beens.