lunedì 18 marzo 2013

Spaghetti with Lemon Zest and Zucchini

Very fast and simple dish, Boil the salted water, and add the spaghetti. Prepare the zucchini and cut them julienne, season with salt and pepper and saute with some olive oil. When the pasta is cooked, spaghetti usually take around 9 minutes to be AL DENTE. Add the pasta to the zucchini with some cooking water, add the lemon zest, and some parmesan cheese, saute till it gets nice and creamy and all the starches break. SERVE.. Buon appetito. (As you can see in this dish i did not use any garlic or onion, just plane and simple) In this dish i want the Lemon to overcome on all flavors, but at the end to taste the fresh zucchini and creamy parmesan cheese.

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