mercoledì 27 marzo 2013

Potato Veloute with Truffles and Leek Chips

I had this fresh Marzolino Truffles, wich are very similar to the White Truffles with a strong flavor, but not has expensive. A friend of mine gave me this truffles just picked up in the Sansepolcro area in Tuscany. I personally love Veloute so potatoes are a great mach with Truffles so instead of making the same Tagliolini al Tartufo, i made a Veloute with Leeks fried made as chips. So i started boiling in salted water the potates with the skin. At the same time heat some olive oil and chop very finely the Leeks and frie them to make like a chip. When the potatoes are soft, take them out pass them in ice cold water and peel them, cut them in smaller pieces, drain some of the cooking water and place the potatoes back inside and add the heavy cream and some nutmeg. Let it cook for 5 minutes and blend all, taste and adjust with salt and pepper and add some Parmesan Cheese. Serve and add the Leek Chips and shave the fresh Truffles on top. DONE. If you like you can cut some bread into squares and saute them with some butter to make like bread croutons to add to the Veloute. EJOY.

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